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The 375 H&H was introduced by Holland & Holland in 1912 and it went on to become one of the most versatile and successful big game hunting cartridges ever developed, although they listed it as a medium bore cartridge. When the Germans introduced the 9.3x62 Mauser in 1905 it created a scramble between them and the British manufacturers for market share in Africa and India. The introduction of smokeless powder and cordite, the Mauser bolt action and larger magazine capacities enabled hunters to carry rifles that enabled them to shoot faster as a result of the higher magazine capacity as opposed to the 2 shots on older double rifles, flatter as a result of better sectional density on the bullets as well as better penetration than the old larger paper patched lead bullets. The 375 H&H case was also specifically designed for the hotter, humid African climates, with a gentle tapering body to aid with feeding and extraction in high temperatures where a sharp shouldered cartridge might cause stoppages at exactly the wrong moment.

Damages suffered by the German Arms industries after WW2 and the subsequent shortage of ammunition and other components lead to a great extent to the demise of the popularity of the likes of the 9,3mm cartridges in Africa and many hunters and outfitters replaced their guns with the 375 Holland and Holland. Even today the 375 H&H continues to be one of the favourites among African hunters as well as visiting hunters from all corners of the world.

California Cartridge Collectors Club

 Houston Shooting Club, by A-Square

        Variations on British 375 H&H Mag by Kynoch

                  Some 375 H&H variations


Commemorative dummy cartridge of the launch of production by PMP in May 1987





Variations on commercial 375 H&H Magnum

   Red Anodised Aluminium dummy by THOR Engineering


Snapcap found in a local gunshop, but still looking for additional information.

OPM Variations and custom headstamps


Land Rover Vektor "Supremacy" .375 H&H

In 1998, to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, Land Rover South Africa, maker of the iconic African safari vehicle, commissioned six rifles to commemorate its marque values; Supremacy, Freedom, Authenticity, Guts, Individualism, & Adventure. These six rifles were built in six calibers; .375 H&H, .300 H&H, .416 Rigby, .350 Rigby, .500 Jeffery & .404 Jeffery, with each built in the style of the maker of these proprietary cartridges. For this project they commissioned South Africa's premier gun artisans including rifle makers Danie Joubert and the late Jurie Majoor, stock makers Danie Crouse, Johan Morkel, & Bennie Laubscher, engravers Helene Prins and Armin Winkler, and case makers Tinus Tredoux & Pieter van der Spuy.

This rifle, "Supremacy", in .375 Holland & Holland is built on a Vektor true magnum length double square bridge Mauser action with classic Holland & Holland style quick detach rings and bases supporting a 4X Kahles scope. Circumferential bolt knob checkering. Barrel is 23½" with barrel recoil lug and tie down, quarter rib with 1 standing and 2 folding express sights with gold inlay center line, barrel band front sling swivel and banded ramp front sight with folding H&H style hood. Drop box magazine with engraved floorplate with gold inlayed lion by Helene Prins and signed. Fully engraved pistol grip cap. Double crossbolts and all screws engraved. Engraving is of the highest caliber. Stocked in the British style in exhibition Turkish Walnut with excellent color and dark contrasting marble cake lines. Pancake cheek-piece with shadow line, ebony fore-end tip, and point pattern checkering which is over the top on the grip and wraps the fore-end. Two screw inletted rear swivel and vacant stock oval. 14 1/8" LOP to a Silver's pad with widow's peak. Weighs in at 11lb 10oz with scope and 10lb 7oz without. All cased in best quality Oak & Leather trunk case by Tinus Tredoux with Land Rover logo oil bottle, bore rod, leather sling and owner's brochure. (RIFLE)