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The 45 Teatfire was one of a number of front loading cartridges that were developed during the mid to late 1860’ to circumvent the Rollin White patent that allowed a bored-through cylinder enabling self-contained cartridges to be loaded from the rear. The Rollin White patent was acquired by Smith & Wesson giving them a virtual monopoly on the revolver business at the time. The teatfire revolvers were manufactured by Daniel Moore of Brooklyn, NY. He received a patent for his teatfire revolver in April of 1863 and changed the name of his company to Moore’s Patent National Firearms Company. The company only manufactured the .32 Cal. Teatfire revolver and in 1866 changed the name to the National Arms Company. This company made the 45 cal Teatfire on a very limited basis but it is unclear exactly when the 45cal. was first made and all production of the 45 Teatfire ceased in all probability in 1869 when the company was acquired by Colt. Both the .32 and .45 cal. Teatfire cartridges were made by Ethan Allen.