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This large cartridge was a Sporting rather than a Target cartridge and is uncommon. It was introduced by DWM as case #495  (c1905 – not being shown in the 1904 catalog). The case uses a raised base with MB dimensions but has a tapered body unlike other MB types. It was shown in the DWM case book as “10.75mm PürschBüchse : B.Stahl  Suhl” but this cartridge is not shown in any known Stahl catalog [Note : B.Stahl was taken over by G.C.Dornheim in 1905]. PürschBüchse means “Stalking rifle” or more properly “Hunting Rifle”. It was listed in the DWM 1911 catalog as for a “Doppelbüchse” (double-Rifle). Although it was shown in the DWM 1926 catalog and also listed in the 1934 catalog as ‘if in stock’ meaning production had ceased, it is unlikely to have still been produced by DWM after WW1. This was not listed in the 1935 DWM catalog.

Originally known only with two original hs: “DWM K 495  K” and the proprietary “H BARELLA * * BERLIN” hs. The DWM case #495 also had two other 10.75mm cases in the series both with the Gründig case type: a 10.75x52R (case #495A = GSP2) and 10.75x60R (case #495B = GSP3)

The HWM version was produced in 1993 from cases produced by Horneber for a Middle East customer with a Barella double rifle of the renowned former Royal Rifle maker Heinrich Barella, Berlin built c1910. There are also examples with no headstamp and might be by Utendoerffer but there is no evidence that H.Utendoerffer or RWS (it’s successor) produced this case type. Still most likely DWM or perhaps another newer manufacturer