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9mm Browning Short (380 Auto) – (SOUTH AFRICA)

Still looking for all the info from when South Africa started manufacturing the 380 Auto during mid to late-1980’s. When the manual on South African head markings was published in December 1985 it did not yet contain any detail on the 380 Auto, so it is therefore...


Production of 303 ammunition for the commercial market in South Africa started in 1948. A soft-nosed 174 grain bullet was used and first production utilised surplus cases from the War, as there were still substantial stocks of U 45 cases left. No sporting cases dated...


303 BRITISH (SOUTH AFRICA) HISTORY When the Union of South Africa abandoned the gold standard at the end of 1932, the Royal Mint in Pretoria was reduced to moderate activity in the manufacture of silver and bronze coins, though its work continued to expand in the...


On sheet 26 and 27 of Pamphlet 20 discussing the detail of South African manufactured cartridges from PMP and its predecessors, it is shown that the first headstamp on military production was by the SA Mint, with headstamp U 59. According to existing records and...


South Africa started manufacturing of the 38 Special cartridge in 1969.     This was the first 38 Special headstamp manufactured by PMP and was only used during 1969. In 1970 the headstamp was modified to remove the .380 and only included .38 SP in different...

40 S&W – RSA

   Red anodized aluminium training dummy by Thor Engineering      NGA experimentals on Israeli IMI cases.                       ...

45 ACP – RSA

- info to be added - . There are not many sources available that tell the story of the history and development of the 45 ACP in South Africa. The main (only) manufacturer was PMP, with some experimental work done by NGA. I am still trying to gather more info and will...


The 375 Oryxx (scientific name for the Gemsbuck) was designed by Jacobus Fourie, owner of Bateleur Arms in Laingsburg SA. It is based originally on the 505 Gibbs case that was trimmed to 3” and necked to 375 but cases can also be formed from 408 Chey-Tac brass. The...

300 NGA

   Called the .300 NGA for lack of a better definitive description. This round was discovered in a storage area that NGA rented from PMP during the 90's. It was also discussed in RSACCA 202/9


   See also RSACCA 202. This is a 7.9 x 57 case necked up to 8.6mm. Cases were made by Sabi Arms Nelspruit.


   info to be uploaded. I am still trying to get the full story on the history of the Wolmerans range.


The 6mm Musgrave was commercialized in South Africa in 1969 as a proprietary development by necking down the .303 to 6mm. The idea to develop the cartridge originated when the late Benjamin Musgrave (1900 -1978), ‘Oom Ben’ (uncle Ben) realized the need to...

5.56 X 45 (.223 REMINGTON) – RSA

2021-04-04 new dummy added INFO TO FOLLOW A SERIES BALL Second specimen with a ring crimped primer Specimen with cannelure also found on the A-Series.          This specimen has 2 light punch marks on the left and right...

7.62 X 39 AK-47

HISTORY Production off the 7.62x39 cartridge in South Africa started in 1987, but testing started in 1986 with ballistic studies by PMP on captured ammunition from either Mozambique or Angola. The 7.62x39 cartridge was never used in any form by the South African...


   Founder and director of Accugun (pty) LTD, Andre Mojet, started his research and development 8 years ago with one goal in mind; to manufacture precision rifles and match international grade barrels. After intensive research, Mojet believed that cut rifled...

7 X 60 GWAZA

   Based on the 8 X 68S case, this is one of the Chris van Niekerk wildcats. Info will be uploaded soon


   Based on the 243 Winchester, this is one of the Chris van Niekerk wildcats. All info will be uploaded soon.  


   7mm TOMBI Mk.1    7mm TOMBI Mk.3 These are two of the 7mm TOMBI range. They are part of the Chris van Niekerk range of wildcats. Further info and notes will be uploaded soon  


under construction This is one of the Chris van Niekerk wildcats. Full info will be uploaded soon. Based on the 243 Win case.  


   under construction This is one of the Chris van Niekerk wildcats. Full historic information will be added soon. Based on the 8x68S case.


Designed by Pierre van der Walt in South Africa. Shorter length cartridge that gives greater energy than the 458 Winchester, with better potential penetration than the 458 Lott.

7.62 x 51 NATO

The history of the 7.62 NATO RIFLE have been documented in South Africa in relative detail up to now. Not everything is known yet because the South African government has as yet not been prepared to give any access to the Armscor Archives. (There used to be a link to...


This is one of the Chris van Niekerk wildcats. Based on the 8x57 case blown out and necked to 30 cal with a 40° shoulder.   


Ganyana (Don Heath) worked as a wildlife officer/Game Warden in the former Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe as well as a professional hunter. Chief Examiner for the PH qualifying exams for Zimbabwe and involved in many wildlife management projects, experiments and Ganyana is...

6 X 45

Very popular sporting cartridge in South Africa that actually started life as a military experimental in the early 1970's.                     

Sample Content of SA Research

This Content is to test the SA Research Content type for    None of the images are application to the category and is purely for sample info...


This is a complicated project with much research still to be done - please bear with me HISTORY South African soldiers first encountered the 9mm Parabellum cartridge during the 2nd World War, while fighting alongside their British counterparts in North Africa. The...