There is very little info available on this cartridge, except for some discussion on the IAA Forum. The Two KNIL (Koningklike Nederlandse Indische Leger) plants in Java (Bandoeng & Soerabaya) both assembled and reloaded ammunition for the KNIL, amongst others also the 6,5 PS Nr1, (6.5 Patroon Scherpe Nr. 1) or 6,5 M95 Dutch Mannlicher. Cases were mostly sent empty from Europe, then loaded and reloaded in Java. Sometimes, the 10,4 revolver round was made by cutting down 6,5 Rifle cases, as the rims were similiar to the M95 Mannlicher case. The absence of a headstamp would signify thinning of the rim by removing the headstamp for fitting as a revolver cartridge. On the specimens below can be seen the remains of some of the previous headstamps. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 148).