This exceedingly rare cartridge was developed during the beginning of the 20th Century by Major-General Julius Maudry Edler von Wehrbrunn who was the Director of the Vienna Military Arsenal for a three shot rifle based on the M.95 Mannlicher design, although the cartridge itself was based on the 8x50R Austrian M.93 cartridge that was shortened and expanded, giving it an almost straight case, loaded by a 295gr. CNCS bullet at 2,100 atu (about 30,800 psi) and a V/25 of approximately 426 m/s (about 1,400 fps). It was loaded by a modified M88 magazine and was designed as a hunting rifle, although it is mentioned in Motz Vol. 1 p. 169 that the cartridge may originally have been designed for military purposes. It is however also stated that there is no definitive proof that it was actually a military design. The idea might have originated in the search for a weapon with appropriate stopping power, with lessons taken from the Americans during the Philippine Insurrection in the late 1890’s where some costly lessons were learned with the old Coly US Navy .38 Cal. Revolvers lacking stopping power against a determined opposition. That prompted the design of the 45 ACP to replace their old service revolvers and the Maudry design may have been based on this experience.


Picture from Motz Vol. 1 p172