The 11x49R Dreyse MB was based on an MB type case and it was probably designed by Dreyse. The case has the same dimensions as DWM case no 447 which was listed as 11.1x49R Duneberg (a powder factory near Hamburg) and designed around 1895. Johann Nicolaus von Dreyse (November 20, 1787 – December 9, 1867) was a German firearms inventor and manufacturer which commenced operations in 1824 in Sommerda to produce percussion caps.

No 1 produced by N v Dreyse with raise headstamp.

No 2 produced by Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinesfabrik, Sommerda (Rheinmetall) which was in was in existence from 1889 after it took over M&W Sommerda and lasted until the end of WW1. Later became absorbed into Rheinmetall, the current German company who is also the majority shareholder in the South African company DENEL.