11.15 X 36R WERNDL

See also Metric Military Rifle
This was the commercial version of the military cartridge adopted by the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1882. Also known as the Austrian Military Carbine Model 1867 cartridge. A popular sporting cartridge produced in Czechoslovakia until the mid 1950’s. The case is tapered with a slight neck. It has a raised base.

The first example was produced by V.R.CETINJE which means Vojna Radionica, Cetinje (military establishment in the Town of Cetinje). They produced military cartridges for the Kingdom of Montenegro prior to its incorporation into Yugoslavia.

No 2 produced by Georg Roth Vienna Austria on a four segmented case with dots.
No 3 produced by Ceskoslovenke Munici a Kovodelne Zavody in Bratislava which was a former Georg Roth factory operated by Brno from 1928 until 1935. The M in an incomplete circle relates to production between 1931 and 1935.
No 4 produced by Sellier &Bellot, Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1902 which was founded in 1825 and still in production even though it is owned by CBC