The 11.2 X 51R KROPATSCHEK-HEISSIG was produced from about 1872 until around 1950. It was a popular sporting cartridge originally intended for rifles of Kropatschek’s design which was put forward as a military rifle but never adopted. The cartridge was based on a shortened 11.15x60R Mauser M71 case even though no German companies produced cartridges in this calibre. Heissig was a Ferlach based gunsmith.

No 1 manufactured by G Roth with a segmented case with no further inscriptions
No 2 manufactured by G Roth with a segmented case
No 3 manufactured by G Roth with a segmented case
No 4 manufactured by Hirtenberger with a segmented case
No 5 manufactured by Ceskoslovenke Munici a Kovodelne Zavody in Bratislava which was a former G Roth factory operated by Brno from 1928 until 1935. The M in an incomplete circle relates to production between 1931 and 1935.
No 6 manufactured by Povazske Strojarne – PS = Czech c1946-1954
No 7 manufactured by Serafin Keller (Keller & Co., Vienna) This was an old headstamp variation used before 1895. Later headstamps: KC Co., K&C. The company started in 1864 and turned in to Hirtenberger in 1897.