With the 11.3x36R Gasser M70 being a downgraded version of the 11mm Werndl M.67 Carbine cartridge, accidents happened with full powered Carbine loads being fired in the revolvers, leading to damage to the frames over time, even with the introduction of the M.70/74 strengthened designs. The decision was therefore taken during 1879/1880 to replace the M70 Gasser with a new design with test done during that period with the 10,6mm German ‘Zick-Zack’ Service revolver amongst others. The new design had to be interchangeable in the old M.1870 or 1870/74 revolvers, or at least duplicate the performance of the Gasser while still being able to use the inside lubricated M.77 rifle bullet. Various tests were conducted (Mötz Vol 1 p.67) and the M1882 was adopted in 1883. Cartridge had a Mauser A-Base and used the two hole Berdan primer and as a result of the shortening of the case from 36mm to 29mm, the bullet is seated against the charge and there is no longer any wad as was the case with the M1870 revolver load. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 164).


                       Dickrand (Thick Rim) version

   The dot means that this cartridge was reloaded.


First specimen is by Serafin Keller and second one is by Manfred Weiss, Budapest.