11.35mm SCHOUBOE

The 11.35mm Schouboe is a simple blowback pistol with a non-exposed hammer and was designed by Jens Theodor Suhr Schouboe, – better known for his work on the Madsen light machine gun – during 1903 and was originally designed as a pocket pistol chambered in 32 ACP but Schouboe later adapted his pistol to a military version chambered 11.35mm (.45) caliber rounds when he decided to participate in the 1907 US Pistol & Revolver Trials, The design was not successful and was quickly dropped before it even entered the trials; because his blowback design simply couldn’t handle a heavy round. So Schouboe worked with the ammunition designers at DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken) to design a lightweight bullet with a wooden core with a thin cupro-nickel jacket and a base plug of aluminium that weighed only 55 grains and reached in impressive 1,600 fps. It was also submitted to the UK for trials, where it was (predictably) also unsuccessful. The Schouboe pistol was manufactured by the Dansk Rekylriffel Syndikat (DRS), in Copenhagen, Denmark and the company was best known for making the Madsen light machine gun and later for the LAR assault rifle, but production did not continue after 1917 when Schouboe left DRS. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 167).


DWM records list case number 192B for the Schouboe auto-loading pistol