12.7 X 44R F.H.

This was probably the first conversion of the 12x44R Remington M71 rimfire cartridge. It resembles the U.S. 50-70 Government cartridge, but has a smaller base and rim diameter. It was introduced circa 1881 and continued in production until about 1920. The cartridge has a thick beveled rim. (Dixon Ref. SC7).


A. Andresen was a gunmaker in Tromso, Norway in the early 1900’s. The L.V.KR. headstamp was on commercial cartridges by H. Larsen Vapenforretning in Kristiania, modern day Oslo.

                     NPE case
Widforss were gunmakers in Stockholm Sweden in the early 1900’s. They had cases made for them. Hans Christian Olsen-Maseng was a Norwegian gunmaker in business from 1884 – 1964 and also had cases made for them by different manufacturers,