This is one of the three straight cased 12 x 44R cartridges and this is the second one that were based on the 12x44R Norwegian Remington M71 Rimfire, after the 12.7 X 44R F.H. (SC7). The 12.7x44R Remington differs from the other two types in that it uses a raised base that has a slightly thinner overall rim thickness than the 12.7x44R F.H. It was manufactured by various European companies. (Dixon Ref. SC6)

  Beveren Sport is a sporting goods store in Kongsberg, Norway. Cases by Bertrams

     This Utendoerffer case is laquered steel

Nordiska M√§sterskapen translate to: “Nordic Championship” – Cases made for them by Bertrams


   SARA is the Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association, Asker, Norway.