12.7 X 76R D EXPRESS (.500 3″)

This is the German version of the 500 3″” Express, which was the first of the .500 cases produced in Germany (DWM 72). It was also produced in Czechoslovakia (until at least 1932) and Austria by Hirtenberger as late as WW2. The English .500 3″” Express was known in Europe as the 12.7x76R E Express and was produced by Utendoerffer and possibly other German companies (not evidently listed by Lorenz/DWM). Some references believe the Roth case #139 is the English type but samples of that case appear to have the tapered base common to the “”D”” types.

No.1 produced by H Utendoerffer
No.2 produced by H Utendoerffer with shield in primer
No.3 produced by RWS
No.4 produced by RWS
No.5 produced by SBP (Sellier & Bellot Prague)
No.6 produced by SFM (France)