The 297/230 Morris Short dates from the mid 1880’s and was developed as a sub caliber training cartridge in auxiliary barrels used in the 577/450 Martini Henry. It was also later adapted for use in the 303 Lee-Enfield/Metford rifles as well as in revolvers. It probably replaced the 297/230 Lancaster.



The cartridges above are all variations without headstamp. The 2 blank versions were black powder, but the loaded rounds were usually smokeless/cordite/Axite powder. The first board dummy has a hole through the case, while the second version has a mid case hole.  These dummies came with a struck primer as well as with empty primer pocket. The last specimen is a steel dummy.

Unknown headstamp with a small L

   French manufactured with raised headstamp. The base is a little wider than the standard width for the Morris

  Keller & Co. Austria

   Interesting cartridge, this is a double charge shot load. Also with raised headstamp.