30-01 (Cal. 30 BALL Model 1901)

Since before 1900 the U.S. Military had been searching for a high velocity 30 cal round, but with the existing powders available, it was not possible yet. Tests were done on 30 Krag cases loader to higher velocities but these were unsuccessful. There were experiments with lengthened Krag cases, but there is very little info on this. Work continued at Frankfort Arsenal but the main objectives were the rimmed case, higher chamber pressures and excessive recoil. Work started again in January 1901 on a rimless case design with the earliest being essentially a rimless version of the 30 Krag case. Springfield armoury approved a cartridge during February 1901 which was a rimless case with a length of 2.554 – 2.564”. Frankfort Arsenal received an initial order for 10,000 rounds for what was called the .30 Ball Cartridge Model of 1901. Some modifications were made to the bullet as well as the neck, where there was a shoulder cannelure on earlier versions. This round was called the Model of 1901 until 17 July 1903 when the designation was changed to the Model of 1903 with the adoption of the M1903 Springfield rifle.

                           Dummy Load                Commemorative headstamp by OPM