30-03 (Cal. 30 BALL CARTRIDGE, MODEL 1903)

This cartridge was adopted in July 1903 for service use in the M1903 Springfield rifle. The rim thickness was changed in September 1903 from 0.060” to 0.045” and remaining cartridges with thick rim were broken up and reloaded as blank and dummy rounds. The manufacture of the M1903 service cartridge lasted until October 1906 when it was replaced by the M1906 cartridge but commercial manufacture that was started in 1905 extended until 1907.

   Gallery Practice with 107gr. lead bullet.

   Early production blank with plain brass case. Later cases were tinned to distinguish them from ball loadings during packing.


   Tinned case blank





      WRA Co commercial loads

U.S M1903 Springfield Warner & Swasey Sniper Rifle

Springfield M1903 Guiberson Rifle. It was an interesting design for a trench rifle, but never went into production because of the limited field of view.