30-222 SUR-ARMES (7.62×35)

This cartridge was produced by Gevelot SA for the SOCIETE SUR-ARMES of Bordeaux who were importers and distributers of surplus military arms. This cartridge was intended for target use in modified Ex-WW2 30 US M1 Carbines and it was probably also used for hunting. This case type was created to satisfy the French laws not allowing military calibres to be used. The 30 Court (W64) and the 7.62×33.5 Vermarien Franz which were created for the same reason.

The modification involved enlargement of the chamber for the slightly bigger case type and this action weakened the barrel and consequently did not prove popular. The cartridge was based on the 222 Remington case shortened and necked up to hold a standard 30 M1 ball bullet. The first test cases were produced from Gevelot 222 Remington cases. It was first produced commercially with a “GEVELOT 30-222” headstamp in 1976. Factory drawing 57617 shows that in 1979 a “SUR-ARMES 30-222” headstamp was introduced (the use of the “GEVELOT” hs ceased in 1978). A single lot of both types was most likely produced. All examples have a red primer annulus seal.