Developed during 1976 as a lower cost sub caliber training device for the VIPER shoulder-fired assault weapon. The first tests were done at the Pomona Division at General Dynamics and utilised commercial 22 Hornet cases loaded with 5.56 M196 tracer. Various other combinations were tested at Eglin AFB but it was the 7.62mm M62 tracer that gave the best stability at the reduced velocity needed. During 1979 these M62 tracer bullets were loaded in 30 Carbine cases. The first specimen is one of the first loadings that were done on commercial cases with the M62 bullet with orange tip. It was seated to the cannelure to confirm seating depth, set up tooling for loading as well as “show-and-tell” for General Dynamics management.



A portion of lots GDP 1-1 and 1-2 had the bullets reseated increased to increase loading density that reduced the overall length to 1.885”. During early 1980, the US Missile Command instructed General Dynamics that subsequent lots would be loaded at the Lake City Plant with Remington to assist and the first of these loadings were done during September 1980 on R-P cases.


During early 1982 General Dynamics obtained some 7.62mm overhead fire bullets for evaluation and possible use in the VIPER tracer. These used a fired case headstamped W-W 30 CARBINE with the M62 overhead fire bullet with red tip.