Probably from around 1904-05 and listed in the 1909 catalogue, it was developed by Westley Richards for use in single shot target rifles.


The above specimen is a South African loaded round by R.E.S. It was probably made in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s by a company with the initials R.E.S. somewhere in Midrand (Halfway House), South Africa.  The cases have been reworked from surplus, un-headstamped flamethrower igniters from the then SADF (South African Defense Force). This form of igniter is identical in concept to the system used by the British at that time and earlier. What is further interesting here is the German description  “NC – Zündhütchen”, which stands for NC – Primer and we assume NC denotes Non-Corrosive.

The 130gr flat point lead bullet is covered with a durable dark red/brown wax.  The AO is probably the batch/lot number and a upper case “A” is impressed into the green cardboard packaging. (From RSACCA Journal 2933/217/03)


Bertram Australia

These 2 specimens were done by the late Ken Stewart in South Africa


The second last specimen is an interesting one as it is loaded with the Minex bullet, the same as for the 298 Miniature Express. The Headstamp is: KYNOCH   .300

The last specimen was loaded with a GM softnose bullet by Ken Stewart