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Updated December 2022

The 303 British sporting loads are listed in Fleming, so I will list some of my sporting cartridges here as well. The 303 BRITISH is a collection all by itself with many hundreds of different specimens. The focus for this page is only BRITISH sporting loads for the 303 British. Mainly (but not limited to) the headstamps and variations as listed on p166 of Fleming. I’m still sifting through all my 303’s so this listing will grow in time.


Different ELEY variations







This is an example of the WRRN (Wesley Richards Round Nose) or LT Cap (Leslie Taylor design). It was used on a variety of cases, sometimes even surplus military brass



The majority of 303 British sporting loads from England were loaded by KYNOCH and there are a number of different bullet shapes and headstamp variations as can be seen below

The bullet variations below are all shown at 150% scale



    Parker-Hale snap cap