This is the rimmed counterpart of the 333 Jeffery and was made for double rifles.

new unprimed empty from KYNAMCO


The last specimen is the same as the one that is in Woodin Lab as listed in IAA498 p. 38  There is still some speculation on why the cases are blackened and it is only the 333 Flanged, the 400/350 No.2 and the 333 Rimless that are known with these blackened cases. The headstamp on this 333 Flanged is the same as in the IAA Journal, namely JEFFERY   KN   ‘333   KN. There is also no proof/hasn’t been proven yet that these were Match loads. It is assumed that these cases were treated by Kings Norton, although the 400/350 No. 2 from the IAA article has the RIGBY 350 . CASE MADE IN AUSTRIA headstamp, which probably means that some were done by George Roth.