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Although listed separately, this is a normal 375 HOLLAND & HOLLAND but with the proprietary Hoffman headstamp. Hoffman Arms, in most cases, called the calibers by their (Hoffman’s) own name but the only proprietary cartridges they actually had were the .300 Hoffman and the .276 Dubiel (named after employee John Dubiel, who also worked for Winchester). Most of their .375 rifles were either marked .375 Hoffman or .375 Magnum (or just .375 Mag.), but all were actually the Holland and Holland standard caliber of 1912. Loaded in an era of “Velocity Means Everything” age in the late 40’s and early 50’s, these were in all probability loaded with lighter (235 grain) bullets. See also the 300 HOFFMAN MAGNUM. Hoffman Arms Company started right after WWI in Cleveland, Ohio, then moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma and finally to Amarillo, Texas just before WWII where they made .50 caliber machine gun barrels during the war, and then disappeared.