The 38-45 Hard Head is nothing more than the 45-38 Clerke in a different dress. Whereas the 45-38 Clerke is based on the .45 ACP necked down to 38 caliber, the 38-45 Hard Head is the same thing but instead of using the standard 45 ACP case with its 19,900 CUP pressure limit, this one uses the 45 Winchester Magnum or the 451 Detonics case both of which are rated at 38,000 CUP. It allows the use of hotter loads without the danger of case failure. The idea originated with Dean Grennell, of Gun World Magazine fame, who was working on improving the performance of the 1911 Colt auto pistol for some years. The 38-45 Hard Head was fully reported in the November 1987 issue of Gun World magazine. Velocities of 1500fps were achieved with a 124-grain bullet from the 5” barrel of a modified 1911 type pistol.