40 EVERLASTING 1.97″ ?

An identical, or very similar cartridge to this, is shown in Robert T. Buttweiler’s auction catalogue (1987) Vol.IV, Number 2, item 111.  The write-up is shown below.

“Although this .40 2 ” EVERLASTING does not correspond to a known STEVENS round, it shows a THREE PIECE CASE construction usually associated with Stevens. Much like a Model 1873 Maynard, the round is made with an integral STEEL ANVIL and a separate brass base piece soldered above the rim to the brass body tube. The round is unloaded, may or may not have been fired, and it has a rounded brass primer. It is showing age with some discoloration of the case. A rare unrecorded ex¬ample.”

The example shown above has been fired, probably a number of times and has subsequently not been resized to accept the projectile with a snug-fit, hence the large discrepancy between the projectile diameter and mouth diameter shown in the table below.  Originally the description written on the case identified this cartridge as a “Logan & Hart”

Projectile diameter = 10.20mm      Base diameter = 11.45mm
Case length = 50.00mm                  Rim diameter = 14.35mm
Neck diameter = 11.45mm             Primer pocket diameter = 6.15mm  – approx.
Mouth diameter = 10.50mm            * Case wall thickness = 0.35 – 0.55mm

* The wall thickness is not even all round.