– From a reply by Dr. P. Regenstreif to a question regarding the Buzenet – from an old (April 1992) ECRA newsletter – During the late 1960’s the French firearm regulations were relaxed somewhat making the old 11mm Mle. 1873 French Regulation Revolver a collectible firearm. Needless to say, ammunition was a problem and the old black powder cartridges in existence – apart from being collectors’ items – were no longer safe to shoot. In one of the anomalies of French firearm legislation, possession of both handgun and cartridges compelled the owner to register such firearm as it was no longer considered a collectors piece.

A French fellow by the name of Buzenet started to manufacture a “new” cartridge but still able to fire in the old French revolvers. These cartridges were crudely made, with a badly moulded lead bullet and the first models having a lathe turned case but later production an injection moulded grey plastic case with a shotgun primer. After the French riots of 1968 the Mle. 1973 was reclassified as no longer being a collector’s item and now requiring licensing, it put an end to the whole Buzenet saga. Although it showed 44-40 on the boxes it had nothing to do with the American 44-40 Winchester. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 402)