The venerable 44 Magnum is undoubtedly one of the success stories in handgun and cartridge development in America. One of the legends of shooting and reloading in America, Elmer Keith, spent a lot of time on loading higher pressure 44 Special loads and in the mid 1950’s approached Smith and Wesson to develop a commercialised version of his loadings and this culminated in a lengthened 44 Special case and named the 44 Magnum. It was launched in early 1956 and as they say, the rest is history. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 407)


First specimen is a sub-caliber device. Second specimen is some kind of snap cap with the base being spring loaded.


First specimen is AMRON, the previous headstamp was removed. BHA is by Black Hills Ammunition Co., Rapid City, SD, USA. New cases made by Starline. Buffalo HVY is by Buffalo Bore Ammunition, MT, USA These were made with the HVY on the headstamp so shooters would not use in older, weaker guns. Cases by Starline.

H&F is Hardy & Fils, Belgium. Hi-Per was by Hi Performance Cartridge Corp., Greensboro, NC, USA. IMPACT headstamp by 3-D Ammunition Co., Doniphan, NE, USA.


Jesse James by OPM South Africa. Keith headstamp by Olin Corporation, Clayton, MO,USA. Vanity headstamp made for Elmer Keith by Winchester. Master headstamp by Georgia Arms, (formerly Master Cartridge Corporation), Villa Rica, GA, USA. Midway headstamp by Midway Arms Co., Columbia, MO, USA. Cases were made by Starline Brass Co., (1977-1994), Olin (1980’s) & Bell. Last specimen with red base is a Parker Insta-Flare



Texas headstamp by Texas Ammunition Co., Ballinger, TX, USA. Cases made for them by Starline


First specimen is a dummy, second and third are HOT SHOT loads for the Contender, KTW, Glaser and then an accelerator with white sabot. Last specimen looks like a one piece dummy of some kind but the dimensions are for a 357 Mag, so assumed a headstamp error.




First specimen is an Eliminator by NGA on an Israeli IMI case. Next 2 specimens are turned brass, the latter has a shallow dimple instead of a hollow point. Fourth specimen looks like an arcane bullet and has a brass sleeve with an aluminium tip. Last specimen is a THV.