This cartridge is listed as the 10.8mm Montenegrin No.4 Revolver in Erlmeier, Brandt Vol 1 p.199 as Ref. 157. From an earlier IAA Forum discussion however this cartridge has been identified as an early long-cased, inside lubricated 44 Webley by UMC and pre-dates the outside lubricated version with short case that was introduced later by UMC. According to the discussion it is very hard to identify this case type because (currently) there is no documentation and only two sources for information: one is an early UMC box labeled “44 Webley” that shows their early trade mark with the dog’s head; the other is a display board dated c. 1877-78 showing a cartridge that it is identical to known specimens. Also, due to the fact that early UMC publications are not illustrated, it is difficult to say when it was replaced by the “normal” short cased & outside lubricated version. However, if UMC followed WRACO’s manufacture, this may have happened c. 1878-80. Also, the primer used in this early long cased inside lubricated .44 Webley was not the UMC No. 1 but the Orcutt’s Patent.