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The ADP (Advanced Defensive Pistol) was a South African development by Alex du Plessis in 1991 as a concealed carry handgun for police as well as civilian use. It first appeared in 1994 via Aserma, a South African company but the rights were sold about the same time to the Italian company Tanfoglio and manufactured as the P-25. Production of the ADP was taken over by Truvelo in 1998 and was chambered in 9mmP as well as 40 S&W. It also listed the 45 ADP which is based on a shortened 45 ACP case, similar to the 45 GAP, but it preceded the GAP by a few years. Truvelo ceased production of the ADP range in 2004 because of insufficient market demand. It also coincided with a period of extreme difficulty for South Africans obtaining licences for firearms as a result of the South African Firearms Control Act, which in all probability contributed to the demise of the ADP.