Dummy with normal GM bullet.


The 4,6x36mm cartridge derives from the ‘spoon-tipped’ CETME CIP-613 4,56mm caliber cartridge. For use with this cartridge Heckler & Koch developed the HK-36 assault rifle, The cartridge was thought of as an answer to the American .223″ round. H & K have had a large stock of the 4,6×36 ammunition and it was used during comparison tests in connection with the increase in caliber of the caseless G-ll ammunition from 4,3mm to 4,75mm. This increase in caliber proved necessary because with the original 4,3mm caliber the initial velocity required would only be possible with an unreasonably high propellant charge, the small caliber barrel taking away too much of the gas pressure due to turbulence effects. As well, the heavier propellant charge caused increased barrel erosion plus unwanted cook-off effects.

The ‘spoon-tipped’ CETME ammunition was a development of Dr. G. Voss. The aim of this type of construction was to cause the bullet to ‘tumble’ after impact. In this way the advantages of the small caliber would be combined with the effects on the target of larger caliber ammunition.

Heckler & Koch did not manufacture any ammunition. With regard to the G-11 ammunition, Dynamit Nobel has been a supplier as subcontractor.