The .460 Rowland is a proprietary cartridge that was designed and developed by Johnny Ray Rowland, host of “The Shooting Show.” It is an attempt to achieve true .44 Magnum level velocities when fired from a number of popular semi-automatic pistols. Cases are by Starline Brass and original work was done with Clark Custom Guns to develop the first commercially available .460 Rowland Conversions for specific versions of the M1911. The .460 Rowland case is approximately 1/16″ longer than a conventional .45 ACP case but the overall cartridge length is the same, the bullet is simply seated deeper. The purpose of the extended case length is to prevent the high pressure .460 Rowland from being chambered in a standard firearm chambered for the low pressure .45 ACP. This is similar to the relationship between the .357 Magnum and the .38 Special.