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Longer case and the shoulder moved forward but the loadings were the same as for the 500/450 №.1 MUSKET. In all probability a replacement for the №.1 MUSKET and was listed well into the 20th century by British cartridge manufacturers.

unknown, probably Westley Richards, by Eley? This is the BOARD DUMMY shown below


The first specimen has “K   IV” stamped over the existing one

North Devonshire Firearms Service


Second specimen is a Nitro for Black Powder load with the LRNCT (Lead Round Nose Copper Tip) bullet. Third and fourth specimens are the Metford Military Match loads. The bullet weights should be 480gr. and 540gr. respectively. The board dummy is the version with no headstamp as can be seen above. The sixth specimen is fitted with a Jacob’s Tube that is supposed to be an “explosive” round.


Two specimens found in a local gunshop in South Africa, but we have no info about the manufacturer, or who they were made for. The second specimen has a turned brass case and resemble cases made by City Guns in Cape Town, but this is speculation only.