5.56 X 38 FABRL

Designed by Frankford Arsenal during 1972 – 1973. A large number of projectiles were designed with a high L/D (length to diameter) ratio but low mass during this program (1971-1973). All of the projectile designs are of a composite core nature with a wide variety of materials tested (steel, plastic, tungsten, uranium and aluminium). The goal was to develop a lightweight projectile with a high velocity (1 180m/s) but a lower recoil impulse. The projectile has comperable muzzle energy to a regular M193 ball. The overall length was similar to a standard ball round (so it could be adapted to be used in modified M-16 rifle and magazines) Accuracy of this projectile was also better at 500 yards than the M193. Hit probabilities would be increased because the weapon would fire in a “burst-launch” mode. (Source: Variations of Military Experimental Calibers, Paul Smith)

FABRL = Future Ammunition for Burst-Rifle Launch

  New Primed Empty case


                              Shorter bullet than the AR-2, with normal GM Jacket. Case has a struck primer.

   AR-2 bullet

   Light Green anodized aluminium case

   AR-2 bullet with natural (unanodized) aluminium case