A 5.6x42R Peterlongo cartridge was shown in a ‘Richard Mahrholdt & Sohn – Tiroler Waffenfabrik Peterlongo’ pricelist #65 1939 and it resembles a 6.5×41.5R (25-20 Single Shot: T78) necked down to 5.6mm. This cartridge was first described by Heinrich Kohlmann who received one in 1980 from a gunsmith in Graz, Austria. He called it a Bartschi, most probably meaning a small caliber by Rudolf Hans Bartsch, who was a well-known ballistics expert and a friend of Richardt Mahrholdt. It was also Bartsch who wrote the foreword in the Mahrholdt edited “Waffenlexikon” that was first published in 1931. It was also listed as Lot 605 in Manfred Buetter auction catalogue No.1. (Dixon A82)