6.45 X 48 SWISS GP80

Developed as an assault rifle in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. This was developed as a replacement for the 5.6 Eiger that was not adopted

     This round is called the 6.35×48 and was the prototype of the 6.45×80, although dimensionally very similar

     Ball load

     Proof load with copper washed case


     Blank with plastic insert and shoulder crimp.                 



This is an uncrimped case for the blank load with the blue and orange inserts.


Two aluminium alloy blanks. First specimen is an unfinished case and the second one is a blank dummy (unloaded)


Two DRILL versions

     Inert display dummy


     Blank loading with plastic case crimped on a brass base. Most versions have a crack at the base of the plastic insert.

                                   Plastic portion of the blank.