The 6mm Dasher is an old wildcat caliber dating from 1999. During 2017, it was brought out by Norma as properly manufactured brass on the behest of American F Class shooter Shiraz Balolia, who has commissioned Norma to manufacture fully-formed 6mm Dasher brass, but it was originally based on the 6mm BR case fire-formed in the 6mm Dasher chamber resulting in about 10% extra case capacity with a 40° shoulder and a slightly shorter neck. It was originally developed in 1999 by gunsmith Dan Dowling and friend Al Ashton with the name being a mix between Dan and Ashton. In 2014, Jim Richards, shooting at the Deep Creek Range near Missoula, Montana, set a world record with his 6mm Dasher by placing ten shots in a 2.6872-inch group at a thousand yards, shooting in the Light Gun class. At the 2015 IBS 600 yard Nationals Richard Schatz took first place in the two gun category with a 6mm Dasher, and notably, seventeen of the top twenty competitors were shooting 6mm Dashers.