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7 X 75R VOM HOFE SUPER EXPRESS (2nd Prototype)?


DWM 9.3x74R case

The following from Brad Dixon, European Sporting Cartridges:

“Second Prototype:
Evidently the first drawing of the 7x75R for Gehmann was dated 13 Dec 1958 and this conforms to the shape of the current commercial 7x75R but at least two post WW2 prototype variations are known that would precede this date:

Rosenberger lists these two prototypes as being based on 8x75R cases with their hs milled off. However the ones available for this study clearly had “DWM   9.3…” still showing after the milling and are most likely to be 9.3x74R cases. Rosenberger states that 14 specimens of this type are known: 11 with 8gn and 3 with 11gn bullets. These have the same longer necks and sharper shoulders than the commercial version and may be what Datig illustrated in Volume Two. Note that such milled hs are known to exist on other confirmed Gehmann experimentals.

Some of the 8gn loading were found in an IWK “Vom Hofe” packet (see images) date coded 155154 (ie 9 June 1960- see DWM Packet Codes ) with an extra typed label on the back reading: 

                        10 Patronen Vom Hofe 7mm Super Express R
                         Stoppringgescho├č mit Hohlspitze  8g
                         Ladung: 4,2g Sp.P.

Gehmann had evidently finalised the case shape by late 1958 (drawing 13 Dec 1958) and then commercially introduced the cartridge in late 1958 or 1959 with the earliest examples known having a “W.Gehmann E 7x75R Sup.Expr. E” hs being produced by IWK (DWM). The “E E” date code is likely to be 1960 but this is unconfirmed.”