7.5 X 40R ‘Z’ TESCHING

This cartridge was probably introduced by Utendoerffer and was the most popular of the “Z” Tesching cases. Originally used in Tesching rifles, possibly used in Target Revolver also. This case is very similar to the 7.5mm Walking Stick cases which also exist in several case lengths and is also very similar to the British 300 Sherwood. The “7.35x40R P” shown in Stahl catalogs in the Pistol/Revolver section is considered to be this case type and Stahl examples do exist. GECADO also produced this case (see also the similar 7x40R : T67) but examples are scarce. Apparently listed into the 1930s for a Heinrich Krieghoff rifle. The “KRIEGHOFF SUHL” hs is the most common example and these are probably most likely to have been made by RWS but this is unconfirmed. (Dixon Ref. T30)