One in a series of Mannlicher-Schoenauer sporting cartridges that was introduced by Roth as case #788 for the M08 Mannlicher-Schoenauer Repeating rifle. (Dixon Ref. A48)


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W.B. Dixon tells us that the K&C headstamp was used until at least 1898.  He goes on to say that the transitional headstamp (#3 &  #4) was used after 1897 when Keller Co. was renamed Hirtenberger Patronen Zundhutchen und Metallwarenfabrik AG.  Headstamp #1 was used from about 1910 to the end of WW.II.  In 1938 the Mandl family emigrated from Austria and Hirtenberger was absorbed into the Gustloffwerke company who continued to use this sporting headstamp style (#1) until the end of the war, when the Russians came and annexed the machinery in the plant.




1  23 Cartidge No. 3 (SBP) has a nickel plated steel primer (magnetic)