8 X 61 KVALE MAGNUM (8×61)


This was a civilian prototype that led to the development of two standard factory cartridges, namely the 308 Norma Magnum and the 358 Norma Magnum. Developed by NILS KVALE in 1949, the idea was to create a “magnum” rifle by way of a simple re-chambering of an existing gun. Thus normal K98 rifles could be converted with virtually no other changes. Nils Kvale was employed later on at the Norma factory in Norway, but transferred shortly thereafter to the Norma factory in Sweden where he became chief of ballistics research. The 8mm Kvale was perfected sometime during 1955 and by 1959 the 358 Norma Magnum was launched, followed by the 308 Norma Magnum in 1960.

An article about the 8mm Kvale appeared in the January 1957 edition of GUNS MAGAZINE