This necked Collath case is also based on the English 360 case type and should not be confused with the tapered 8x72R Brenneke (W12) or 8.2x72R Austrian (GSP23) ‘360’ types. This is a scarce cartridge but is known with both the earlier Collath hs and the later ‘TESCO’ type hs, both being produced by RWS. Accordingly it appears that the 8x72R replaced the 8x58R Collath  (GSP11). Interestingly, these are known with both the earlier of the Collath hs styles (serif lettering) and also the last hs style (with TESCO). It is possible that the middle style also exists but it is not confirmed.

DWM case #505 is described as an 8mm Teschner and although no diagram is shown in the DWM casebook or DWM catalogs, this is likely to be this case type rather than the 8x59R. In the DWM casebook, case #505 was listed as “veraltet” meaning: ‘obsolete’ and it is now believed that DWM never produced Collath cartridges. This was shown in the 1924 Teschner catalog. A 1925 Lindener (Egestorff) Pricelist shows this Teschner cartridge but it is unconfirmed whether this was actually produced by Lindener.(Dixon)