There is very little known about the 8×87 (or 7,92×88) Spanish Anti-tank rifle. Spain also followed trends from Poland and Germany to produce a more economical means of defeating tank armour as well as light artillery pieces on infantry level. Developments in tank armour post WW1 quickly became beyond the capabilities of what was the idea behind these types of rifles, with only the 55 Boys staying in service for the duration of the War. It was rumoured that only one rifle was made and that it was used during the siege of the Alcazar Citadel in Toledo during the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939) and that the gun is currently in the Military museum in Toledo but there is no evidence to support this. One of the members of the Spanish Collectors Club has indicated that the rifle in the museum’s possession is a German rifle. This cartridge was unknown until a single case was discovered amongst a consignment of ammunition destined for destruction at the National Factory in Palencia that had an 8x50R Lebel bullet inserted in the case. There were also photographs on the IAA forum showing two primed empty cases that were acquired by another Spanish collector that he also fitted with Lebel bullets.

The reference to this cartridge was published in Col. Lanza’s “Treatise on Cartridges” as well as a summarized version published in “Cartuchería Española” by Molina-Orea. It is also assumed at this stage that no loaded rounds survived.