The 9 x 23 was launched at the 1996 NRA Annual Convention. It was just one of a number of 9mm variants that were launched during this period for IPSC shooters to make major power factor for competitions. The outward dimensions are the same as the 9mm Bergmann-Bayard cartridge but there the similarity ends as the 9 x 23 has been significantly strengthened on the inside to be able to handle the much higher pressures. It was introduced by Winchester who marketed the cartridge, but there were numerous production problems, notably chamber reamer issues as well as distribution and marketing problems. Guns were also made by Springfield Armory, but as the IPSC rules changed, these 9mm versions faded into the background and shooters migrated to the 38 Super.


The last specimen was on a PMP 9mm Parabellum case. I might have been a special order by a local IPSC member,