This cartridge has had many designations over time. Discussed on the website is the 9mm Campo Giro, as well as the 9mm Largo, both are different designations for exactly the same cartridge, the latter two being used by Spain, until replaced by the 9mm Parabellum. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 113).


The first cartridge has a very faint A E P headstamp, but almost illegible. There has been a discussion on the IAA Forum regarding these. The specimen with the number 456A is a relatively rare dummy designated by DWM as the “Patronenhülse Kal. 9mm Bergmann (Bayard) Thieme & Edeler, Eibar.” The three Danish specimens have so far only been observed in these three dates. The Danish designation was “Skarpe Patroner til Pistol 1910”. The fist of these was by the Hærens Laboratorium (Army Laboratory), but shortly after was changed to the Hærens Ammunitionsarsenal (Army Ammunition Arsenal).


The aluminium dummy was acquired at the 2021 ECRA Show, but I have not been able to find an explanation for KUTNA HORA. The first specimen by MIDWAY with nickel primer is the loaded round and the second one with case and bullet cannelure is the dummy version. The STAR 456C is believed to be a DWM product, and a contract Load for the Star Trust Corporation, a Basque firm from Eibar in Spain. The C B designation on the second headstamp for the Star Trust Corporation was by Cartoucherie Belge and would date from around 1928, as that was the year the STAR brand was registered and in 1929, Cartoucherie Belge was incorporated into FN. The blank loading with X on the base was a Danish loading designated “9mm Løse Patroner til Pistol 1910/21”