9mm NAGANT M.1878

The 9mm (9,4mm) Nagant was developed and manufactured by the Belgian firm of Bachmann during the mid 1870’s for use in the Nagant designed Pistolet de Gendarmerie, Model 1877 and was to become the first metallic cartridge handgun to be accepted by the Belgian Government to equip its Gendarmerie. This handgun was in service until 1901 when it was replaced by the FN Browning 1900 auto pistol. This was a double-barrelled, single trigger gun that utilised a modified Remington Rolling-block action. The Nagant brothers met Samuel and Eliphalet Remington in 1867 as they were travelling through Europe selling their rolling block actions. They were impressed with the quality of work from the Nagant factory as appointed them as a subcontractor in Europe.

The firm of Nagant also had a hand in the design of the Model 1873 Chamelot, Delevigne revolver adopted by the Dutch, even though the revolvers were manufactured by the Dutch Arsenal at Hembrug and the Maastricht firm of Beaumont. The introduction of the Nagant Model 1878 was the first major success with a revolver adopted by several countries and was available in both single and double action. (Erlmeier, Brandt Ref. 136).



Sources: The Remington Society of America