This cartridge is also known as the 9×25 SAG, or Super Auto G and is based on the 10mm Auto case necked to 9mm and was developed by Horst Grillmayer from Austria. The cartridge is very similar to the 9mm Major, also a Horst Grillmayer development. Some of the original development and testing was done in South Africa as can be seen by the two specimens below, one being a pressure test round before the project was transferred to MFS in Hungary. The specimen by OPM was made for collectors from PMP cases. From the IAA forum discussion on the subject, the design was done on the 10mm Auto case when it was still a popular cartridge, and as can be seen under the 10mm AUTO topic, the recoil and other issues eventually led to it being replaced by the 40 S&W. Horst then did the same with the 40 S&W necked to 9mm and came up with the 9mm Major, before SIG came out with the 357 SIG, which is basically the same thing, but for the slightly longer neck on the Major case.