GSP7 – 8.15 X 46.5R FROHN

During the late 1800’s to the beginning of the 20th century competing German manufacturers produced cartridges that were very similar in dimensions but which were not interchangeable. Since the mid 1880’s efforts were made to standardise the dimensions of these cartridges. The 8.15x46R was standardised (‘Normalisiert’) possibly as early as 1899 whereby the different German Manufacturers standardised the dimensions of the very popular target cartridge. Following on from this was the Erfurt Conference of October 1909 where the different German manufacturers formally agreed to define the dimensions for earch cartridge. (Dixon Ref. GSP7)

        Last specimen is a gallery load.                          Powder charge

 Salesman dummy shown at 2x scale showing the powder charge



B.M. D was by the Badische Munitionsfabrik in Durlach and was produced from 1903 – 1907.


DWA – This factory was established in Dec.1919 to run the WW. I German factories owned by the Government and to converted to peace time production. They produced commercial and military cartridges for some years into the 1920’s. 



E. Scheinert was Eugene Scheinert, a gunsmith from Osnabrück.