45 ACP – RSA

– info to be added – . There are not many sources available that tell the story of the history and development of the 45 ACP in South Africa. The main (only) manufacturer was PMP, with some experimental work done by NGA. I am still trying to gather more info and will upload as soon as authenticity can be verified, so please bear with me for a while.


The first two cartridges are the “standard” GM and JHP bullets, with the third specimen in all probability a reload.

       Armourers Dummy, manufacturer unknown

        Aluminium Dummy by THOR Engineering

       One piece brass snapcap. The notes I have shows it was manufactured in SA by a company called Impacton.

       HPT probably by NGA on Israeli IMI cases.


HPT by PMP with green base. Specimen on the right has a pink base. The reason is unclear. It was found in the USA.

No commercial blanks were loaded, but specimens exist as movie blanks, made from RSA 7,62 NATO cases. Manufacturer unknown


   Early PMP dummy


This version had a mid-case cannelure.

        Early Musgrave 243 Win case (untrimmed)

         Unfinished case,

           Umprimed case and loaded specimen below. These were loaded by a company called SW Products.


The specimens below are in all probability by NGA



Shown at 150% scale

Shown below are two clandestine loadings, manufacturer unknown, although NGA might have been involved, but no evidence to suggest it. Both loadings have a green plastic sabot and the first specimen is loaded with a GM 7,62 NATO bullet and the second with a 7,65 Auto bullet. Also shown at 150% scale and it is interesting to note that on both specimens a fired bullet was used as the groove marks can be seen. This might have been deliberate so that the forensic evidence will be confusing. Both were loaded on standard PMP 45 ACP cases.


Below are various specimens by NGA, on mostly PMP or IMI cases although Chinese cases were also used, in all probability NGA used whatever was available at the time.

   Shown at 150% scale

First specimen have what looks like a hollow point aluminium bullet with lead core. Second specimen resembles an Arcane bullet (PMP 45 ACP case). Third specimen is a nickel plated lead bullet and fifth specimen is normal shooting ammo reloaded by NGA with a copper plated lead bullet.. These cartridges are found in a variety of different headstamps.

        PMP JHP bullet loaded with a steel ball. purpose unknown.

Below are different versions of the Eliminator rounds developed by NGA

   Initial feeding tests. Only 300 rounds loaded with the white cap were made.


Below are early experimentals by NGA. Bullets are a hardened wax



Experimental bullets by NGA, first specimen similar to #4 with translucent tip

      Advanced Shooting Projects

THV loading by OPM on PMP cases