This was a Finnish development from the late 1990’s when a specialised unit from the Finnish Police called the Bear Gang (“Karhukopla”) contracted with Lapua for the development of a specialised carbine for short-range urban SWAT type use. The parameters for the design was specific to such a point that a whole new cartridge design was needed. The new design was based on the 6.5×55 SE case shortened to 34mm and necked to .38cal and loaded with the 158 grain Lapua E367 SJFN bullet and initial testing yielded excellent accuracy up to 300 meters at a velocity of 570m/s (1,870 fps) at chamber pressures of 220Mpa (31,900 psi). Lapua at that stage had a good working relationship with Accuracy International from the development days of the 338 Lapua and AI was contracted for the development of the intended carbine while CIP approval was pending. Progress however slowed down and ceased altogether in mid-2000 after only one lot of cartridges was made. The reasons for the cessation of the project were never clear, and the speculation was that the market for such a specialised firearm was too limited or expensive given what was available at that stage.

The case at this stage is used in the 9 X 33 TRAINER FOR 112mm APILAS ROCKET with the only difference being the electric primer. See also ECRA Newsletter #546 (October 2010).